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About the Missouri Pharmacy Association



The Missouri Pharmacy Association (MPA) promotes and protects the role of pharmacists as the medication expert in patient care relationships, and as an integral part of the health care team.


Pharmacists at the forefront of care and community


On September 10, 1879, four Missouri pharmacists met in the Boone County Court House in Columbia to plan for a professional organization of Missouri pharmacists. Specifically, they wanted to unite pharmacists in efforts to repeal a new law, which placed frustrating limitations on the profession of pharmacy, but they also envisioned an organization dedicated to protecting and promoting pharmacy's needs and interests in Missouri.

Their challenge to all Missouri pharmacists to meet in Sedalia on October 29, 1879, ushered in a colorful period in Missouri pharmacy history. The 62 pharmacists who answered their call responded to the idea of a professional organization and became charter members of the Missouri Pharmaceutical Association. 

Efforts of the fledgling organization resulted in the repeal of the unfavorable law. In 1881, new legislation, written by the MPA, established Missouri's first Board of Pharmacy and set standards for pharmacy practice. Through the years, MPA has continued to support legislation to improve the practice of pharmacy in Missouri, and to oppose legislation that could be detrimental to the profession. Legislators rely on input from the MPA when addressing proposed laws impacting the pharmacy industry. 


MPA is a committed group of pharmacy professionals with high standards and goals. MPA has a rich history of involvement in pharmacy issues on state and national levels. With membership, a pharmacist joins others who support the professional ideas for which pharmacy stands. In today's changing health care environment, it is critical that pharmacist voices are heard, and pharmacy interests are protected, so both the profession and the public may have the best in pharmacy care and service.

MPA is dedicated to providing for its members in many facets, including: Maintaining relationships with the Missouri Board of Pharmacy to protect pharmacy interests; interacting with the state legislature and participating in the legislative process to promote and maintain our profession in the state; Participating in educational activities with both colleges of pharmacy; Representing pharmacy with the news media and consumer groups; and Working with the necessary pharmacy organizations on the national level. All of these activities are vital to the survival of our profession in these changing times. Involvement by pharmacists all over the state assures MPA's success.   


In 2022, the MPA Bylaws Task Force reviewed the Bylaws and proposed changes to the membership. The changes were voted on at the 2022 Annual Conference. To access a copy of the MPA Bylaws, click here.